drip: transition
This was a collaborative work with Hideaki Sasaki, whose own work was called “Listen to the Water Droplets.” By connecting a contact microphone and an transducer to the device developed by Hideaki Sasaki (which allowed water droplets to make light waver like a candle flame), we were able to develop and display a system that utilized PC software to transmit the vibrations of a water droplet to another object. 
Hideaki Sasaki の作品”雫を聴く"とのコラボレーションを行った。

drip: transition
2011.11.20 - 11.26
Collaboration with Hideki Sasaki
Size: approx. 6000mm x 500mm x 4000mm
Form: Installation / Series exhibition
Venues: Kushiro Art Center
Photo: Takashi Yamaguchi

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