Flex Acoustics
As part of Art Group +LUS, we participated in an exhibition organized by Tokyo Wonder Site. We did a live demonstration of how sound can turn into kinetic energy, by using a device that converted sound waves into electromagnetic waves, which through electromagnetic induction made an object vibrate. 
Tokyo Wonder Site主催の企画展におけるアートグループ+LUSでの展示・パフォーマンス。音の信号を電磁波に変換し、電磁誘導によりオブジェクトを振動させ、音ではなく動きを発生させることによりライブパフォーマンスを行った。
Flex Acoustics
Collaboration with +LUS (art group by Taishi Kamiya, Yui Onodera, Yukitomo Hamasaki and Junji Koyanagi)
Materials: Coil, Semiconductor, Magnet, LED, aluminum, test tube
Size: approx. 6000mm x 6000mm x 4000mm (Flex)
Form: Installation and Live performance
Venues: Tokyo Wondersite Hongo
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