Moire in Relation | 関係性のモアレ

There will always be sound where there is movement and there is no movement without a sound.
Sound is connected to movement. Sound is a wave that is produced when something vibrates. At times, movement will make people anticipate sound, and where there is movement there will be sound. My works elevate this relationship between movement and sound to a degree where the artwork is freed from viewers’ expectations and the artist’s intentions and controls. Unlike my previous works that centered around sound, at this exhibit, I was presenting works focusing on “movement” which developed from the question, “Where does sound come from?” Various movements are produced by a system constructed from simple and familiar materials like clocks and magnets.
The term “moire” in the title of this exhibition, “Moire in Relation,” represents the outcome of the distortion and interference of the relationship of multiple objects and matters. Moire generally appears when visual interference fringes, or more than two sound or light, move in a slightly different cycle. My works interpret this phenomenon at the meta-level and create moire in the dynamics of space.


Moire in Relation | 関係性のモアレ
2013.11.30 - 2014.1.12
Materials: Canvas, Magnets, Clocks, etc.
Size: Dimension variable
Form: Installation / solo exhibition
Venues: waitingroom, Tokyo
Photo: Yahoo Takashi
Video Edit: ViDeOM

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