Site-Specific Music
When putting your ears to a block made of accumulated cardboards, you can get the feeling of your ears absorbing.
All the sounds are absorbed, and you can experience the complete silence.
1 x magnet, 1xLED and a built-in coil are placed beneath each block.
A microphone catches the input tones and outputs to the coil, making the magnet tremble. When the magnet moves, it makes a subtle sound from between the magnet and the surface of the cardboard.
At the same time, the light of the LED (which you can see from the top of the block) trembles softly. The trembles of the light and the sounds are too small to perceive ordinarily. This installation is to feel the subtle changes which you can’t even perceive.
Site-Specific Music
2008.6.28 - 7.10
Materials: Cardboard, Microphone, Mixer, Coil, LED, Magnet
Size: 800mm x 800mm x 1000mm (each object)
Form: Sound Installation / Group exhibition
Venues: CAI02/raum2, 3, Sapporo | Chi Ka Ho, Sapporo (2012)
Photo: Taishi Kamiya, Takashi Yamaguchi

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