Taishi Kamiya solo Exhibition
"white balance"
2020.02.04(tue.) -03.14(sat.) → 04.04(sat.)
at salon cojica / Sapporo, Japan
White balance is an installation utilizing magnetism by movement with mirrors, polarizers, and clocks.
"White" includes all colors.
The same applies to the light received by the eyes, the sensory organs that receive visual stimuli, and the sound corresponding to the ears, the sensory organs that receive auditory stimuli. The color corresponding to "white" includes all information.
"White sound," that is, White Noise contains all frequency sounds, and it is thought to be able to create any sound using filters. This is called subtractive synthesis, and the form of the sound is formed by subtraction.
Michelangelo once said that "Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." Subtractive synthesis is the sculpture of the desired sound from a chunk of "white sound" using a chisel.
Like sound, "white light" includes light of all colors that can be perceived. However, in fact, the "white light," which looks the same, can change with time, and thus "white" has fluctuations.
In this work "white balance," I create a situation in which the relationship between the fluctuating "white light" and the light of the color extracted therefrom changes by subtractive synthesis, changing the image every moment.
white balance
2020.02.04(tue.) -03.14(sat.) → 04.04(sat.)
at salon cojica / Sapporo
神谷 泰史
Taishi Kamiya
「白い音」すなわち White Noise は、すべての音を含んでおり、フィルターによってどんな音でも作り出せると考えられている。これを減算合成と言い、引き算することで音の形を形成するというものである。
本展示《white balance》では、ゆらぐ「白い光」と、減算合成によってそこから取り出された色の光との関係性が変化する状況を作り出すことで、刻一刻と変化する像を結ぶ。
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